Refined Sunflower Oil

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1. Improve Heart Health

Sunflower oil can lower cardiovascular diseases and the chance of heart attack. And selenium in the sunflower oil could increased the selenium in blood, reduces the chances of cardiac problems and hepatic degradation, etc

2. Maintains Healthy Immune System

The sunflower oil contains zinc, which helps maintain a healthy immune system that helps in the healing of wounds. Zinc also is beneficial in maintaining your sense of smell and taste.

3.Lower Risk of Infant Infection

Sunflower oil could  lower risk of infections of low birth weight and pre-term infants.

4. Stops Free Radicals

The Sunflower oil contains vitamin E and tocopherols, which could stop neutralizes cancer causing free radicals, as free radicals damage cells as well as your immune system.

5. Promotes a Healthy Nervous System

Sunflower oil contains vitamin B which is good for a healthy nervous system, good digestion, and it is great for producing energy.

6. Lowers Cholesterol

Lecithin is also present in sunflower oil which helps keep cholesterol levels low

7.Reduces Cardiac Problems

Sunflower oil is a good way to incorporate selenium into the diet. By having higher levels of selenium in your blood, it could reduces the chances of cardiac problems and hepatic degradation.

8. Helps Create New Cells

Sunflower oil contains folic acid, which helps the body manufacture new cells.