Frozen Lobster

We wholesale suppliers of  Lobsters (Whole, Tail, Cooked), Crabs (Blue Swimming and Mud Crab), Slipper Lobster, Shrimps, Cuttlefish, and various other fishes.

Our live lobster grades include:
A 0.45-0.6kg
B 0.6-0.8kg
C 0.8-1.0kg
D 1.0-1.5kg
E- 1.5-2.0kg
E+ 2.0-2.5kg
F 2.5-3.0kg

Product Name: LiveFrozen Lobster, Frozen Lobster tail
Scientific Name: Nephrops norvegicus
Size: 6/8 ,8/12,13/15,16/20,21/25,26/30,31/40,per kg

Packing: 20kg /carton

Freezing: IQF
Net Weight: 100% N.W.

Certificate: HACCP, EEC, ISO

Sizes : 300/ 400, 400/ 500, 500/800, 800 up

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